"Everybody deserves to live in a clean safe home.Please help us make this global effort a success."

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Domain Studio

The Domain Studio is a novel concept in smart and futuristic design. This very practical design utilizes only 576 square feet. Eliminating walls, allows each area to have the feeling of a much larger, unrestricted space.
The design of the Domain Studio is intended to meet the need for in-fill development in cities, where single people and couples cannot afford condos costing several hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Domain Studio will be available for a base price of approximately $79,900.00* for a complete unit, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, full bathroom, and walk-in closet. Full pricing details will follow with the unveiling of our first two model units.

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Butterfly House / Casa Mariposa

Global Links Corp. proposes to build an extremely affordable and efficient, factory built home that can serve the majority of the world’s housing needs, to provide housing for the poor and disadvantaged. We call this home: Casa Mariposa.
Most underdeveloped countries simply cannot afford to house their poor citizens. This does not negate the fact that unless changes are made to elevate and educate these people, the problem will only continue and a greater disparity will continue to grow between underdeveloped nations and those that are considered first world countries. Extreme poverty can be greatly reduced in one single generation. The two most important components to this

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