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Presenting the Domain Studio by Global Links Corp.

The Domain Studio Concept


The Domain Studio is a novel concept in smart and futuristic design. This very practical design utilizes only 576 square feet. Eliminating walls, allows each area to have the feeling of a much larger, unrestricted space.


The design of the Domain Studio is intended to meet the need for in-fill development in cities, where single people and couples cannot afford condos costing several hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Domain Studio will be available for a base price of approximately $79,900.00* for a complete unit, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, full bathroom, and walk-in closet. Full pricing details will follow with the unveiling of our first two model units.


The Domain Studio can be placed basically anywhere. The Domain Studio is a product that is adaptable to many different settings, while being built to respect the environment by observing high-energy efficiency standards.


By utilizing four basic 12′ X 12′ cubes, each one serves a purpose as: 1/Entry, Bathroom, Closet – 2/Kitchen, Dining Room – 3/Living Room – 4/Bedroom, all with the feeling of much more space because there are no walls to restrict one area from the other.


The Domain Studio features a state-of-the-art full service kitchen, wrapping two walls, leaving the balance of space for an elegant dining area and a desk area that can also be used as a bar or buffet for entertaining.


The bedroom of the Domain Studio is nicely tucked behind the bathroom and closet. The bedroom has plenty of natural light and provides ample space for either a queen or king-sized bed.


The Domain Studio – Drop it anywhere!


The Domain Studio has been designed to be placed anywhere – on the ground, in a backyard as a guesthouse or rental unit, on top of a newly built two-car garage, on a mountain lot with a deck wrapped around it as a weekend getaway, or on top of other Domain Studio units, up to seven stories high, or in any number of other settings.


The primary development concept is to stack the units on top of commercial structures such as strip malls, or in downtown redevelopment zones, close to universities for student housing and close to transportation routes. The possibilities of the Domain Studio are endless.


See the Domain Studio in action at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq2UlENStSc


Look for our upcoming new model: The Domain –360 — another Domain unit meant to compliment the original. Both units are the same length, so they can be stacked together in the same development, giving buyers more choices and better pricing.


Structural & Interior Design by: Frank J Dobrucki,

President & CEO of Global Links Corp.


Global Links Corp.

3571 E Sunset Road

Las Vegas, NV 89120


email: info@globallinkscorp.com


*No representation is made in this presentation as to price or delivery of units. All prices of standard items and optional items are subject to change without notice.


The Domain Studio

Smart Design / Environmentally Efficient / Affordable / Fun